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I'm a tall-fit-funny guy looking for someone to hang out with... WAIT wrong website sorry. I'm actually a Mexican high school student with a passion for movies, series, video games, anime, books, and mostly every kind of entertaining media. My other passion is creating narrative content both as written stories or video. Most of my work is in Spanish (because i'm from Mexico) but since i've been learning English all my life I feel capable of producing content using my second language. One last detail, i'm writing this before I actually upload any of my creations, so if there isn't anything yet it just means I haven't finished my latest project but just you wait because it's almost done... maybe.

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An Unusual Day


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This is the first video I made for a filmmaking workshop I used to have. The first song in the video is something I made playing in GarageBand. All the other songs are credited in the video.