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I believe in innovation and self-improvement. I believe that if you put your mind to it, never give up and work your ass off, you will always earn a sense of fulfillment in the end. Every experience is valuable...

Hey, I am Jordan! I love film, animation and video games. Basically a huge nerd, but what is not to love about that? I will always try to listen to everyone before speaking and will always try to bring something new to the table.

Facts about me:

- I am a dog-lover for life

- Videographer, motion designer, photographer

- Studied at UNSW for a year in computer science and media arts (but have dropped to pursue something more industry focused and practical)

- Love talking movies and/or videogames

Project media

My HSC Multimedia Major Work (600+ hours of work and a BAND 6 InTech Nomination)
The narrator (Simon Sinek) acknowledged my major work on his LinkedIn!!!
The narrator (Simon Sinek) acknowledged my major work on his LinkedIn!!!


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Project details


For my HSC Major Work, I was inspired by the ideas of the best-selling author and famous TED Talker, Simon Sinek. His ideas about millenials in the workplace and his "Start with Why" movement inspired me to pursue my career in film/animation and reassured that I must lead my career with what I believe in, and for the short-term benefits.

I wanted to enhance his ideas for viewers who are unfamiliar with his work and decided that I would visually interpret his work through engaging visuals that would hopefully emotionally grasp new viewers, especially millennials who feel "trapped" in the "Nine to Five" corporate job.

Link to 80 Page Port-Folio:

(PS, In the end, Simon Sinek acknowledged my work on his LinkedIn, see image)