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This project is one of my favourites. I love incorporating humour in my work and making people laugh. One ?ne day when I'm an established designer, I might take a break and start doing stand up comedy. But that's quite a distant dream. Talking about this poster it's actually an effort to bring out that there's much more to Indians than just all of this. I agree to the fact that quite a few things in the poster are harsh and grating, and to be very frank, I don't intend to harm anybody's sentiments or feelings or be racist in any manner whatsoever. I did this artwork with a good intention of making people look at the positive aspects about us. I'm a proud Indian and super proud to be reppin' my homies here. In case this poster makes you feel bad, just get in touch with me, send me an email, I'll see when I can get a street ?ght ?xed. Nah just kidding, you awesome people make me feel awesome.