The Italian Suit. Tailor Made Travel Experience

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Born and based in Santiago, Chile.

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The Italian Suit 60' Spot
The Italian Suit Logo
The Italian Suit Logo
The Italian Suit - Homepage
The Italian Suit - Homepage
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Adv Campaign


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Aimed to create a brand by Boscolo, specifically for Italy as the destination, targeting mainly the US market. The ideas claim immediatly to be different, original, flawless and limitless. Situating the advertising as an extension of the created brand, following it’s core with no strings attached.

A land where different eras live together is a headline that fuses the authenticity of modern living with ancient history and traditions that stood the test of time.

The narrative between the traveler, the suit as the voyage, and Italian lands merge to create the simplest idea we thought of.

The naming was probably the most difficult part, as a beginning, a moment it’s decided to go for a very suggestive, strong and straight but indirect strategy. Working with a payoff that balances the nonlinear name, The Italian Suit ends up being a real reflexion of affordable luxury travel, words used by Boscolo at the first time.

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