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describe yourself box always makes me nervous, it is like to give a comment or compliment to yourself which I consider as a weird thing to do.
but it seems like a thing I-have to do to. so, Hello.
My name is Nyi Mas Laula Li-An'Amie which very hard to spell for native, and I never had a right-written name since the kindergarten until now in my college. The misspelled names makes me have so many nicknames. Nyimas Nymas Nyim Nyims Laula Lola Lol Lau Jimmy Jim Jimbo which the last three is absurd. Lola, I prefer.
I study Product Design as my major, focus on furniture design. I love photography, I also love taking photos which actually where my passion lies. But I study design, I should be a designer.
I once had an internship at one of the oldest furniture design studio in Indonesia, then found out my boss was a former designer at Tom Dixon, I was sure I will learn design thinking from him but I ended up taking photos all of the furnitures at the studio then I realized that I shouldn't be denial.
Making my passion always in the minor side makes my life more simpler. So many people said, making your passion as your job is the greatest way of a happy living, but I think that is wrong. when I was in highschool, I loved drawing, I always happy when it gets to make a drawing. When drawing become my daily routine, I don't happy anymore. Passion is always have to be your getaway to keep that as your passion, to keep you happy by doing that. That's why I always put photography as my side.
I also loves taking pictures with 35mm cameras. I have 20 old cameras as my collection. I love the ritual when you have to wait to get the result, and I always get surprised with the result; a happy, sometimes dissapointed moment. For me, taking with film is taking what it is. Taking all the risk; over/under exposure, unloaded film comes with a blank result, miss-focus, blurred. And also surprises; mostly with the color tone which will awe you.
I am a person who will knocks random house just because the house is adorable, I want to take a picture of it. Or make a hole in my jeans, take it to the tailor, just to get a conversation and take a portrait of him.
By all means my life divide into two, what I have to do; is my responsibility. And what I love to do; is my right.

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Despite of taking common route straight to a vacation point, we decide to take it slowly. Riding on a bike, stopping in the great nowhere scene, jumping in every bush we found on our way. That's may be hard, plus one big-sized guitar case. But wise man said "Curiosity feed the cat"