"The Vanishing Forests/ O2"

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I am a succesful future costume designer girl from Turkey who was born in 1992.I studied painting at high school, after my graduation I gained full scholarship from Yeditepe University(Fashion Design/still studying), I studied at KHIO in Oslo(fall 2013/Costume Design).I have always wanted to become a costume designer, I have my extreme goals related to this occupation, and I am doing the best I can to achieve these goals.

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When It comes to my sense of art and design, I believe that it shouldn't be all about beauty and aesthetics. While designing and illustrating, I give so much importance to functionality, the idea or the philosophy behind the artwork etc. I picked some of my works for you to catch a glimpse of my inner world and my style. The ones which include holes, leaves and flowers are related to Gezi Park Protests which occured in 2013 in ?stanbul. This orange dress which was exhibited in ?stanbul last year and the others are some designs made for fictionary people who try hard to generate their own sources of oxygen. "

This link may help you to understand the subject which inspired me while preparing "the vanishing forests" collection :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013%E2%80%9314_protests_in_Turkey