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Monochrome visions,Concrete jungle & Nature at her greatest.


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I was born and raised in the city; everywhere I turn lies skyscrapers and bustling traffic. The sight of ever growing buildings and new infrastructural developments, bright neon orange traffic cones and uniforms, ties and business shirts, crowded shopping centres and what feels like an ocean of people are all sights I have gotten used to. However, the city can never replace the calmness and joy that nature gives away; woodlands and its aromas of bark, forests and the creatures and critters within, the ocean and its vastness, caves and its rockforms that hold their own stories and history. My repetitious life in the city has made me crave nature and the extravaganza of sensations and unique experiences it offers. My passion for photography has led me to mother nature and her wonders; with the addition of very special people in my life to join me on these adventures. My camera has become a bridge for which I can have a balance between my urban life and the tranquility of nature.