Too Young To Be Famous

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I am a year 12 student in Mount Albert Grammar school. I have loved to draw since I was 5 and have continued to do so. Although I am new to digital art, I am very passionate to learn about new techniques every so often. I want to improve my drawings by using every opportunity I get to draw about unfamiliar, meaningful ideas.

I am a quiet person but I like to express myself through my drawings. As a year 12, I do not get to draw as much as I used to because we have to be worried about exams but every time I have free time, I grab my pencil and let it do its thing.

I chose my subject matters depending on my mood and thoughts about a particular topic. I like to be unique with my drawing and painting techniques even though sometimes the outcome may not satisfy me. I'm always keen to try new things!

I find drawing enjoyable, almost as much as I find rollercoasters fun :)

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Too Young To Be Famous
Too Young To Be Famous


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I have used this magazine version of portrayal because it allowed me to come across the point that a child's childhood shouldn't be meddled with. The reports on her is very stalker-ish, as if she is living in a 24/7 reality show without knowing that herself. I have used very irrelevant detail about her everyday life to depict the lack of privacy from being a famous 'celebrity'.

I made her have a distinct look on her face that shows that she didn't want to be photographed as it was done against her will. She has make-up on, which no child should, at such an early age. I have tried to make Tessa seem pitiful as she looks up at us, with pleading eyes.

This of coarse isn't the literal reality but an exaggeration of it. I wanted to send the message how early exposure to fame can have negative effect in the child's life.