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Unable to sting her (or fly away)


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The title is an excerpt from the diaries of Jean Michel-Basquiat. I interpret this quote to describe a strong and independent woman who, because of the certainty she has in herself, is untouchable by societal expectations or gender stereotypes. Though the model is dressed in clothes that would be considered conservative, feminine or constrictive such as dresses, in these shots they complement rather than restrict her movements. Her gaze is intentional, whether staring directly at the viewer or away. Her stance and posture bold. This series utilises gendered imagery to challenge what it means to be a feminist today. Popular culture is introducing ‘feminist” characters who adopt more masculine personas (as seen in movies such as Ocean’s 8). Although this undoubtedly subverts gender norms, my project hopes to show that indulging in fancy dresses, heels, make up or traditional domestic roles do not necessarily contradict what it means to be a feminist.