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Ursie Earthies


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Ursie Earthies is a service group within St Ursula’s College that focuses on recycling. They required a new design for their logo, to help them advertise their work and to encourage the College community to get involved within the group. The design goal was to create a design that correctly reflected the values of the Ursie Earthies group. I explored different concept designs by sketching rough designs, then transferring the image to digitize them using either photoshop or illustrator to complete the task. It was necessary to exploring different design problems throughout the process. The font was kept to a clean light sans serif font which enhanced the logo as being tidy and sophisticated. The earth is represented by a blue circle with simple little bottle designs to convey the message of recycling. The final logo design was completed, being simplistic, to the point and correctly represents the Ursie Earthies service group within St Ursula’s College.