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I am a Sydney based artist and high school art teacher. I have a passion for design and I am excited to further my creative career by delving deeper in to graphic design, illustration and advertising. Perry Designs is a personal art business that I created to sell my artworks, jewellery design and commissions, and to run local creative art workshops. It has been an ongoing project that requires consistent advertisement, output of artworks and creative ways to build customer attraction and engagement.

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The volume of personalised artwork orders through Perry Designs increases on special occasions and holidays, such as Valentines day, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and anniversaries. In order to target new clientele, increase interest from potential customers and to engage loyal customers I create a new fresh personalised advertisement for each of these occasions. Each advertisement incorporates a harmonious colour scheme, symbolism and key words to clearly communicate a theme, and images of my artworks from previous commissions.