Victorian Master bedroom redecoration

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Relatively new to the world of creativity and design. When I graduated school in 2006, I studied Tourism and Sustainable Development. Over the following years I travelled across Asia, United States, South America and Central America. I found that I was inexplicitly drawn the to world of colour, textiles and design (particularly in Nicaragua, Peru and Bolivia). In 2017, I decided to move to Melbourne (from WA) and learnt skills in furniture upholstery and completed a CertIV in Interior Design. During this time I discovered that my passion is within conceptual design development, photography, visual communication and marketing. I hope to study Graphic Design and offer graphic, web design and digital marketing services to start-ups in the field of sustainable products and services (fashion, interiors and local tourism). I'm still yet to find my "tribe" in Melbourne so I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring :)

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Presentation board for 2nd bedroom
Presentation board for 2nd bedroom


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I used basics photoshop skills to mock up my room concept and presentation board. My aim was to create an elegant, yet comfortable space for the residents, with respect to Victorian architecture.