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Jess is a multidisciplinary designer/Artist/Illustrator with studio experience across print, branding, packaging, Art, Illustration, web, digital, product & textiles. She is also a freelance illustrator/artist having exhibited at numerous galleries and undertaken commercial work.

With a background in Graphic Design, Jess approaches design with a carefully considered foundation of function and strategic rationale. Her aim is to deliver work that is not only visually pleasing and precise, but communicates clear and sincere messages.

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WellBeing Magazine cover
WellBeing Magazine cover


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Branding and magazine creation:
WellBeing Vibes.
When we spend a lot of time with someone, we tend to adopt similar traits.
We might start to dress the same, listen to similar music, and even change the way we talk to mimic the way they talk, too. So it’s not so surprising to learn that we also adopt the attitudes of the people we spend time with. When you connect with people that already know the way, or are working towards their goal, you can’t help but catch some
of their energy and enthusiasm – it’s contagious!