While There's Space Between Us: Portraits of 100 artists in isolation

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While There's Space Between Us


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When restrictions first started taking place, creative industries were the first to shut down - thousands immediately losing all jobs and income for what is looking like, at this stage, possibly the rest of this year.

As pretty much everyone in my life works in creative industries, I was seeing the effect it was having on so many people emotionally with feeling so isolated, out of work and terrified about the uncertainty of the future. I decided to document it.

For nine days straight I drove to 100 individuals and where they were self-isolating (this was just as people began to self-isolate). I took 1 polaroid and around 10ish portraits on film of each artist and then interviewed them. (All while remaining 2m away).

This series has grown into something very special to me, as well as document a piece of time. Many people mentioned to me how this series was helping them feel less alone and connected to something - humanising the situation, instead of just being a statistic.