Whitecliffe Workshop Week Day 2: Appropriation

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Sherylene Chan a.k.a. shery delilah is a 22 year-old Auckland-based mixed media designer who credits sporadic bursts of energy and erratic inspiration as motivations in accomplishing her artsy exploits. Hailing from Singapore, she is openly kiasu (Singlish for dedicatedly competitive) about her practice.

Her background in Journalism steadily feeds her voracious appetite for the current, adventures and stories of eccentric worlds. She also dabbled in events, marketing and freelance design before moving to Auckland.

She is currently in training to become a fully certified Graphic Designer in Media Design School’s Bachelor of Media Design programme. Coupled with an insatiable thirst for pretty things, her idiosyncratic style manifests itself through her quirky works.

Shery hopes to one day be the Creative Director of somewhere that shares her love for lofty ambitions.

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Final Composition
Final Composition


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Appropriation ( -pr pr - sh n). n. - To appropriate is to take possession of something.

Drawing inspiration from two separate works: Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model (Barbie #1), 1959, Mattel, Inc. and City-planning Toy (Prototype), 1965, Gere Kavanaugh in the ongoing California Design, 1930–1965: Living in a Modern Way exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery: Toi O Tamaki, I decided a combination of both without altering their original perceived form much would be the best way to approach preserving their individual effects while achieving an impactful final piece.

'Plan for the Heat' is a play on the titling of 'City-planning Toy (Prototype)' and the imagery and concepts that 'Barbie #1' bring with her in conjunction with my personal interpretations of both works.

The utilisation and preservation of bright colours in my final piece stay true to the boldness of design in California as it developed during 1930 - 1965 and worked well with my choices of typefaces (Didot & Laurenscript).