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David Durán, educated as an Architect at Instituto Tecnológico y de estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México (México, D.F.), earned his post-graduate Master's degree in Architecture (2007) and a DEA's degree (2009) at etsaB-UPC, Barcelona (Spain). David is an interdisciplinary practitioner focused on integral design strategies and processes for Non-Standard Architecture. He is an expert in material systems, interactive structures of variable geometry, parametric-associative design strategies, and digital fabrication.

From early 2007, David resided in Spain. Here he joined ACXT-(IDOM) working as project manager, designer, and researcher. During five years, he was deeply involved in several research projects.

Since 2006, David taught design studios and workshops within undergraduate and postgraduate programs across several
schools , In fall 2011, David starts a new Master Degree at Bio Design Research Group, initiatives of Jordi Truco (AA (Architectural Association Ma

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tutor: M.sC. arch David Durán Sánchez
MAFD. Master in Architecture & Digital Fabrication.
[architectural agents] a-g-e-n-t-s (advanced geometry exploration for non standard structures & architecture)

This workshop explores the material intelligence & auto-organization theory from a module industrial fabrication, connections, & digital & physical exploration.