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Final logo variations


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My friend’s mum was relaunching her clothing store, Yashee Authentics, and wanted a logo for the business. I told her I’d try designing one, and what started as a simple request turned into an incredibly fulfilling endeavour.

I’ve never been a graphic designer (my career has focussed on digital marketing) and I took on the project to learn how to use Illustrator.

Looking for inspiration I asked her questions like “what are the business’ values”, but she didn’t have the answers. She hadn’t put into words her business plan which I knew was essential for her success. So, I helped her make one.

Then I designed the logo and, shortly afterwards, she contacted me for advice on setting up a photoshoot.

I applied what I learned in my career to the shoot, acting as both photographer and coordinator.

The initial brief of “design a logo” evolved significantly and I’m still advising them. I’m genuinely invested in their story and can’t wait to see how they grow. High-res: